Hey, I’m Marcel! I’m a yoga teacher, gamer, computer scientist, improvisation-player, acro yogi and I’m here to give back.

My goal in life is to inspire people to use their life to their best of abilities, to live a life that is in alignment with the world and it’s resources, to be able to give back to the world and the people.

Shawn The Dragon is a yoga-co-teacher, mainly responsible for entertainment 🎭, energy⚡️ and motivation.

– First Yoga Lessons
– De Mystifying Mindfulness, Start Meditation Practice
– Shawn joined the party
– 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
– Initiation to Neelakantha Meditation
– Leading Real Life Yoga Lessons
– 366 Days Live Yoga

We believe love, awareness and growth are key values in life

We teach what we believe every day

Contact me for question, ideas, proposals etc. much love!